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Pacers Fanbase Growing In China

Gotta be a few Pacers fans among the 1.3 billion people in China, right?

As the Pacers prepare for their preseason trip to play games in Beijing China and Taipei, Taiwan, has launched a Asian Games Central with player interviews and information on the games and trip.

The main story is about, a site linked here from day one that has been the voice of Pacers fans in China since 2000. The site's co-founder Hollick Lee shares his story about the Pacers' following in China and how he went against popular opinion during Michael Jordan's dominance of the NBA and instead fell in love with the challenger, Reggie Miller and the Indiana Pacers. After launching the site, Lee found out he wasn't the only Pacers fan in China. Great story.

Along with Lee's story are interviews on the upcoming trip with Troy Murphy, T.J. Ford and Danny Granger. Granger appears to have taken to Tyler Hansbrough's minimal answer technique. Maybe something was lost in translation.