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IC Cold Links: Marquis Daniels Officially Gone; Low Expectations For Pacers

Links of interest today include Marquis Daniels finally joining the Celtics and his agent spinning all of the missed games last year into a positive...for Quisy, not the Pacers. Also, another national NBA source has the Pacers sliding down the standings in the Eastern Conference. Plus, where are these Danny Grange Batman stories coming from. Hmm.

  • Frank Dell'Appa reports on Marquis Daniels taking less money to make a run at a title with the Boston Celtics. According to his agent, Quisy shut it down at the end of the year becaus the Pacers were out of the playoffs and not because of his wrist injury.
    "It was a minor wrist thing,’’ Schwartzman said. "If it were a playoff situation, he would have played. But Indiana didn’t want to him to get hurt when they were out of the playoff picture, so they shut him down. He could have played a week or 10 days after the injury.’’
    Oh, except Quisy missed the final 13 games and the Pacers weren't actually eliminated from the playoffs until losing to Atlanta four games from the season's end. Considering the Pacers went 8-5 in those games I guess Quisy wouldn't have made a difference even if he did gut it out an play.
  • Bruno's latest Caught in the Web
    Bruno provides his unique take on a few stories involving the Pacers of late. He includes a little story yesterday in the Wall Street Journal on the progress of Danny Granger's batcave that sounds familiar. Then I see this today in the Weekly World News, including the exact quotes I transcribed. No problem, guys, glad you enjoyed the story. At least the WSJ tracked down a quote from Granger's agent. At least ESPN knows how to link a story.
  • Speaking of ESPN, Eight Points, Nine Seconds takes the WWL's NBA experts to task for predicting a decline in the standings for the Pacers. I guess they think Jarrett Jack was REALLY good and that Mike Dunleavy will return in worse shape than his 2007-08 season. Of course, Dunleavy may actually be in better shape, let alone on equal footing compared to that 2007-08 year, but I understand folks wanting him to prove it. Heck, I want him to prove it.
  • Debunking Tall Tales Surrounding Rubio - Sean Deveney
    Of all the Ricky Rubio/T'Wolves analysis floating around, I tend to agree with this take on the situation.