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Remembering Pacers Co-Owner Mel Simon

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The news of Mel Simon's death resonated loudly throughout the Indiana Pacers organization yesterday. His many successful roles in life with the Pacers, the city of Indianapolis, shopping malls and his plethora of donations and charity-work meant the man had a larger than life effect on people across the city, state and nation.

Mel Simon meant everything for Pacers fans. He saved the franchise from moving to Sacramento in 1983, and he became the embodiment of a great owner throughout the rest of his career behind-the-scenes of the franchise. But, amazingly, the Pacers were just a small part of Simon's life, and the many sentimental and historical links after the jump recognize his brilliance as a businessman, sportsman and philanthropist.

The radio airwaves were also making noise as friends had plenty of great stories and memories to share about Mel Simon affecting them personally and the state of Indiana. All of the following links go directly to audio clips.