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IC Cold Links: When Jim O'Brien Helps He Really Helps

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Here are a few items of interest involving the Indiana Pacers:

  • Pacers' O'Brien takes steps to fight homelessness
    Mike Wells profiles Jim O'Brien's work in the local community, specifically his hands on approach to help the city's homeless population.
  • Bruno's lastest Caught in the Web
    Bruno offers his take on a few recent stories involving the Pacers along with updating us on what Travis Best is up to.
  • What if Larry Bird Really Wanted to be Like Mike?
    Kevin Henkin writes a humours draft of what Larry Bird's Hall of Fame acceptance speech would've sounded like had Bird chose to expose his grudges like Michael Jordan.
  • Warriors' Jackson is fined by NBA
    It's been awhile, but Stephen Jackson is once again paying for his actions. The NBA took exception to his comments earlier this summer about wanting to be traded from Golden State. Free speech is overlooked when it involves a public tarde request, so the NBA will force Jack to cough up $25,000.