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IC Cold Links: Pacers' Changes Under Review

With ten days until media day, more stories are starting to emerge as people take a closer look at the Pacers changes. The Tony Feller Fund also has some sweet items up for auciton on ebay, so check out the links after the jump.

Trip with Pacers among auction items
This is a pretty sweet ebay auction which includes an item for travel on the Pacers plane, hotel and tickets to a road game for two. The auction is a fund raiser for the Tony Feller Fund.

Wells with some things to pay attention to regarding the Pacers
Mike Wells is ready for another season on the beat with the Pacers and offers up a few things to pay attention to as we prep for training camp. Wells also tweeted last night that A.J. Price's two-year contract was not all guaranteed.

Foster withstands turnover in Indiana
Andrew Perna profiles Jeff Foster as he prepares for his 11th NBA season. "I still believe that having Reggie for a teammate is the reason I'm where I am today. His work ethic and the way he carried himself is something I have tried to emulate my entire career. I have also tried to pass on what he taught me to all the young guys," he said.

NBA PM: Pacers Get Defensive
Jason Fleming wonders if the defensive changes made by the Pacers will be enough to put them into the playoffs.

Pacers, Hotels Pressure CIB
Latest update on the Pacers working with the CIB for help with the Fieldhouse operating costs.