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Pros And Cons: Pacers Frontcourt Changes

The Indiana Pacers tweaked their frontcourt personnel this summer and when looking at the changes, it's hard to say they haven't improved. But for some reason, it just doesn't feel like it.

Does anyone else feel this way?

For sake of this discussion, when talking about the front court I'm referring to the center and power forward positions, the bigs, the guys responsible for defending the rim and rebounding. Among this group, the Pacers lost Rasho Nesterovic and Maceo Baston but added Solomon Jones and Tyler Hansbrough to go along with Roy Hibbert, Troy Murphy, Jeff Foster and Josh McRoberts.

Can't be any worse, right? I guess Nesterovic was like a safety net last year and maybe his absence is the causing my uneasy feeling. That seems absurd though, doesn't it? Maybe I'm hung up on the unanswered questions among these players. Can Hibbert avoid foul trouble? Will Foster's back flare up? Can Hansbrough produce in his rookie year? Will Jones or McRoberts fill in when needed?

Help me out here and offer up your pros and/or cons for the frontcourt players listed above along with your expectations for the Pacers frontcourt this season.