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Dunleavy Ready To Get In Basketball Shape; Foster Has His Nose Reshaped

Mike Dunleavy's latest post continues the positive trend on his knee recovery. Sounds like he's playing quite a bit and now is looking to get his legs in "basketball shape" for the start of the season.

Dunleavy also offers up a story from his workouts with teammates. Now one thing we know about this team is that their practices are going to be intense and physical. With Jeff Foster, Roy Hibbert, Tyler Hansbrough, Josh McRoberts and I assume, Solomon Jones, there will be some split lips and shiners from errant elbows.

Healthy noses may be at a premium as well, just ask Jeff Foster. Apparently he was caught flush in the beak by a McRoberts 'bow. Duns describes the action:

It has been great to get out there and compete against the other guys. The most notable moment came when Josh McRoberts busted Jeff Foster's nose. It was bleeding and all crooked.

For a split second, Jeff was really ticked but then, as he said, it dawned on him that he has done that to 10 or 12 guys over the years so he probably had it coming to him. I had to laugh.

The Pacers training staff may need to purchase a few extra clear plastic face masks. I have a feeling they'll be in high demand throughout the season.