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Signing A.J. Price Next Task For Pacers; T.J. Ford Dials Up Fans

The to do list is nearly complete for Larry Bird and David Morway.

Now that we're officially into September, it appears that the Pacers have one task remaining since the sign-and-trade deal with the Celtics never materialized. Second round pick, A.J. Price needs a contract to complete the 14 man roster the Pacers desire heading into the season.

According to Mr. Coons (question 98), the Pacers need to tender a contract offer to Price by September 6th to keep him from becoming a free agent. Now he may already have an offer and the two sides are working out the details, but if not it the offer should be on the way this week. Considering Jim O'Brien has repeatedly referred to Price as the potential steal of the draft, there's no way the team can let Price slip away without giving him a chance. Of course, as James White taught us, there's no reason to get too excited and over-commit when it isn't necessary.

Check out a few links of interest after the jump including a few reasons why teams are smart to wait on signing second round picks, along with T.J. Ford (Tweet J. Ford?) connecting with fans through his Twitter account.

  • Why You Wait to Sign Jon Brockman - Sactown Royalty
    For anyone wondering why the Pacers have yet to sign A.J. Price, Mr. Ziller lays out a few reasons why waiting makes sense. Simply substitute A.J. Price wherever you see Jon Brockman.
  • T.J. Ford reached out to fans in a personal manner yesterday with a tweet soliciting phone numbers, offering to randomly call a few people who replied to his tweet with their phone number. Not only did he follow through, but he enjoyed it so much that he plans to call five more people today.
  • Dunleavy's return should raise expectations for Pacers
    Andrew Perna wonders just how many games we should expect the Pacers to win if Mike Dunleavy is indeed available to play early in the season.
  • Shoals does a nice job of trying to make sense of Stephen Jackson's actions.