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Mark Jackson Misses Out On Minnesota Coaching Job

Mark Jackson tried to make the jump from the broadcast booth to a head coaching gig in the NBA but once again his leap came up short.

The Minnesota Timberwolves reportedly have an agreement with Kurt Rambis to make the former L.A. Lakers player and assitant coach the head coach for the T'Wolves.

Jackson's name was also brought up in previous coaching searches for the Pacers and New York Knicks, but once again he's left with a mic around his neck instead of a whistle. With regard to the Pacers, there may have been interest from Jackson's camp but I don't think Larry Bird ever gave him strong consideration.

With former Pacers' executive David Kahn making the basketball decisions in Minnesota this job appeared to be a perfect fit. I figured if Kahn didn't have Jackson at the top of his list he wouldn't have taken him through the full process.

This also has to be an eye-opener for Jackson if he's truly interested in being an NBA coach. Might be time for Jax to take a subordinate role as an assitant coach and work his way into a job in a more conventional manner.