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Marquis Daniels Signing More Likely Than Sign-And-Trade With Pacers

Mark Murphy udpates the status of Marquis Daniels joining the Boston Celticts (HT: CelticsBlog).

As for Daniels, the Celtics had hoped to arrange a sign-and-trade deal with Indiana - in part to give him a heftier salary and in part to move guard Tony Allen. But Pacers president Larry Bird, who is attempting to change a pattern of bad off-court behavior associated with his team, was said to be staunchly opposed to bringing on the troubled Allen.

The Celtics have not found a third team to help facilitate a sign-and-trade arrangement with the Pacers, meaning Daniels likely will sign for the $1.9 million biannual exception. He has made a verbal commitment to join the Celtics - either by a sign-and-trade deal or for the biannual exception.

This is a no-brainer for Bird but nice to read regardless. Unless Tony Allen comes with some serious fringe benefits like a pick from another team he is of no use to the Pacers in a straight-up trade for Quisy. Yes, the Pacers could use another wing player to provide some depth, but over the past six weeks I have yet to have a Celtics' fan tell me with a straight face that Allen would helpful, even as a backup player. Much like the Blazer fans gave a well-rounded and spot on analysis of Jarrett Jack last summer, I trust the instincts of loyal Celtics' fans.