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Danny Granger Strains Knee Earlier This Week

Another item buzzing around in my inbox this morning was word that Danny Granger tweaked his knee playing in Albuqurque this week.


Granger had his kids camp this week in New Mexico and supposedly dinged his knee while playing pick-up ball.

Scott Stiegler hosts a sports radio show on 770 KKOB in Albuqurque and the story began when Danny missed an appearance on his show Wednesday. I checked with Stiegler and he was kind enough to fill me in on some details.

Here's what Stiegler had to say:

Danny was scheduled to be in studio with me on Wednesday night. About an hour prior to the show his assistant, Chaz, called saying Danny wouldn't make it because he was at the doctor having his knee examined.

I went yesterday to record an interview at his camp. Danny told me he strained his MCL. He wasn't limping and didn't have any pain. He said Pacers doctors are aware of the injury.

First of all, I would love to have an assistant named, Chaz. How sweet would that be?

Seriously, though, the good news here is that a strained MCL at its worst requires rest and rehab so if Granger is not limping or feeling any pain then this may be the last we hear of the injury. The bad news is that these little drips and drabs of minor injury news in August is starting to drive me nuts.

Speaking of rehab, Mike Dunleavy's latest post compares the work he has to do to strengthen his knee to working through a crossword puzzle.