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IC Cold Links: Hansbrough's Boot, NBA PED's and Iverson's Suitors

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Must say, I had a incredible time at Holiday World with the family yesterday. The weather was ideal, warm enough to enjoy the water park but nowhere near stifling. Cornrows, Jr. rode The Raven for the first time and he and his little brother worked the carny hoop game for four basketballs which we had to juggle to the car at closing time. School activities start up next week, so we'll close out our official summer activities with a trip to Colts' camp tomorrow, but we are finishing strong that's for sure.
I returned to some interesting chatter in my inbox this morning (by the way, Holiday World is in Santa Claus, Indiana so needless to say I was out of touch yesterday). Tyler Hansbrough has been spotted in public at different times wearing an air cast on his right leg and there seems to be some concern that the reports of him taking time to rest his right shin is a cover up for a worse injury. I realize we're all gun-shy about the whole truth related to Pacer injury reports, but an air cast to support the leg and keep Hansbrough from doing too much while resting the injury seems to make sense to me. Plus, if there was more to it I doubt he'd be lumbering around in public as if it was no big deal.
Here are a few other items of interest today:
  • Speaking of Colts' camp, it goes without saying, but Big Blue Shoe and the boys have everything covered from Terre Haute over at Stampede Blue.
  • Third Quarter Collapse - an Orlando Magic blog at SB Nation
    Third Quarter Collapse has everything covered with regard to Rashard Lewis and his PED suspension. Go on over and wade through the site for all of the angles to the story.
  • Local NBA athletes playing in Indy Saturday
    Jeff Rabjohns reports that Zach Randolph and George Hill will be playing in the Knox Pro Train Summer league on Saturday at Hill's alma mater, Broad Ripple High School.
  • PBN | Central intelligence
    Sami Amico breakds down the Central Division.
  • The Score " Is Iverson the answer for Pacers?
    Anthony Schoettle weighs the rumors of the Pacers considering Allen Iverson and wonders if the team is really willing to take a risk on Iverson for the obvious PR splash it would create. I'd love the juice AI would bring to the Fieldhouse on game night but I'm not so sure Jim O'Brien would enjoy what he'd bring to the Fieldhouse on practice days.

  • Allen Iverson Makes Sense for the Heat
    Shoals takes a reasoned approach to weighing Iverson's options and thinks the Miami Heat make sense. I agree with this take and think the teams invovled are holding out to see how low they can go before brining in Iverson. I'm not sure I agree with Shoals on the ton of remaining talent after last season's effort from AI. He may be closer to John Smotz who apparently lost his fastball for good last night against the Yankees. Although, even if Iverson has lost a little off his fastball he should be in good shape to bring plenty on the court for the team that signs him this year.
  • Status quo for Marquis Daniels
    Frank Dell'Apa reports that there's nothing new to report regarding Marquis Daniels to the Celtics.