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Watson Expects Pacers To Win Now

Here's a great interview with Earl Watson on HoopsHype. Watson signed with Indiana for the opportunity to play and win with the Pacers. He's also looking forwardr to being around Larry Bird, just another legendary basketball to influence Watson along his basketball journey. He comes off as a mature player who understands the ultimate goal of the game, affirmed through his time spent with some other basketball legends.

What went wrong with the Grizzlies and Hubie Brown? Why it had to end?

EW: I think I told Coach this, "The only thing I regret is not being born earlier to have a chance to play for you my whole career." He was the type of coach that just captured the moment and captured the team. He took the ego out of the team. It all became about the team. Talking to him, a lot of times I had memories of talking to Coach Wooden. I once asked Coach, "What was the common thing about all of your championship teams?" And Coach said, "The common thing was that no one cared who got the credit." Everyone bought in. I will always remember that. I was like 18 or 19 when I asked him that.

And with Hubie Brown it was the same. Hubie Brown would always say, "No one will ever ask you how many points you scored. You know why? Because you’re winning games, chap!" He was very similar to Wooden, but he was at a time in his life where he couldn’t give his all. It was a time where he gave all he could and turned the organization in the right direction. I think he left everything good, with the team winning and having a foundation to it.