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Bulpett: Marquis Daniels Set To Sign With Celtics, No Deal With Pacers

Steve Bulpett reports that former Indiana Pacer, Marquis Daniels is finally set to sign a contract with the Boston Celtics tomorrow, ending the summer-long speculation that the C's and Pacers would work out a sign-and-trade to improve Quisy's salary and give the Pacers something in return.

Instead Quisy will sign for the Celtics' biannual exception which will net him around $2 million dollars, which is about $5 million shy of the team option the Pacers declined to pick up earlier in the offseason. Landing with the title-contending Celtics should ease Quisy's pain, though.

I'm assuming Danny Ainge was unwilling to part with Bill Walker and Larry Bird wasn't interested in any other players stuffed in the back of the C's closet. In fact, I'm sure the Pacers were more interested in dealing with a third team so they could acquire some cash and/or draft picks instead of a player.

In the current economic climate in the NBA, it comes as no surprise that the Pacers and Celtics couldn't entice a third team into the negotiations. Unfortunately, cash and picks are more valuable right now than living, breathing NBA players. Sad but true.