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Dunleavy Update: Less Knee, More Me

Did someone at the Fieldhouse tell Mike Dunleavy to ease off the rave reviews of his knee rehab?

Just a thought while reading his latest You, Me and My Knee blog post on Naturally I'm joking, but all of the positive reports this summer will raise the expectaions of an earlier-than-expected return to the court early in the season. No worries about overreaction from his latest post, however.

Instead of the usual update with glowing comments about the knee responding well to his sweat-soaked rehab regimen, we hear what Michael (as JOB would say) has been doing around town lately. He's been to the Brickyard 400, the U.S. Senior Open and some kids' camps at local schools.

Actually, the fact that Dunleavy is making appearances around town and taking in the big events is an indication that his life and knee are returning to normal. Plus, he does mention that the knee and hip are "feeling better and better and better."  Hey, three betters are better than one better. Feel better?

Besides, I'd rather hear about what he's doing outside the training room anyways since his blog posts offer a unique voice to efficiently deliver a humble peek into his life. The highlight this time had to be the veiled shot he takes at NASCAR fans while mentioning his trip to the Brickyard 400.

Personally, I've locked in my expectations to consider any minute Dunleavy plays before the All-Star break to be an added bonus. His prior reports have certainly indicated that there may be plenty of bonus minutes this year, but until he's on the court with the clock running, no sense changing my outlook.

Also, if you're keeping score at home, Dun has now subtly smoked NASCAR fans and Star Trek fans in his blog posts. Wonder who will be next to feel the delicate scalpel of Michael's wit?