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IC Cold Links: Ranking The Pacers Offseason, Pondering Scouting In Memphis

There are a handful of stories of interest today, including how the Indiana Pacers offseason moves stack up, Mark Jackson's chances of landing a head coaching gig and what to make of Memphis running off their scouting department. Also, Doyle has some legit worries regarding Stephon Marbury and speaking of worries, Marquis Daniels may need to worry about the Celtics' interest in Bruce Bowen.

  • How they've fared
    Tony Mejia breaks down the NBA's offseason and how each team fared, slotting the Pacers 9th for their efforts thus far.
    9. Pacers: Drafting Tyler Hansbrough might have been considered a reach, but Indiana badly wanted his services and were made to look good as their prized acquisition shined in Summer League. Nevermind the recent shin injury; he'll be back. The additions of Solomon Jones, Earl Watson and Dahntay Jones tell you what direction the Pacers are heading, placing defense as a priority. Completing Jamaal Tinsley's buyout purges Indy of its final goblin.
  • Will Bowen Pick Celtics Or Cavs?
    Wendell Maxey looks at Bruce Bowen's options and thinks the C's may waver on Marquis Daniels if they can get Bowen. Someone better tell Quisy.

  • Owner: Minnesota Timberwolves nearing decision on head coach
    Will Mark Jackson get the call from David Kahn? I would love to see what Jax can do on the sideline as the head coach.
  • Geoff Calkins: Scouts' honor, Grizzlies' cutbacks revealing priority
    Geoff Calkins tears into the Griz tearing down their scouting department. Is this just a team stripping down to be sold or the start of a trend in the NBA? I could see teams using a pool scouting service on some level. I've heard scouts from different teams working together during games to make sure they don't miss anything, essentially gathering the same information, so a pool scouting report would make sense in general, but quality organizations will always have their own people analyzing and verifying talent regardless of the recommendations from outside sources.
  • Will any friends be there to catch a fallen Starbury?
    Gregg Doyle can't stop watching Stephon Marbury or wondering if anyone will stop laughing at Marbury long enough to help him.