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Dunleavy, Morway Remain Positive About Pacers

Just spreading a little sunshine today for fans of the Indiana Pacers with a couple of positive links. Mike Dunleavy remains upbeat about his return to action, while David Morway explains why the Pacers expect to make the playoffs. Plus, a bonus link comparing Family Guy's Stewie to Kobe Bryant.

  • Dunleavy through holding back
    Mike Dunleavy updated his blog with another positive progress report which now includes oncourt work as part of the rehab program. Not only does he sound upbeat about his return, but in describing the missing pain he's played with for years, he's starting to sound like he will actually be in better physical shape when he's 100 percent.
  • NBA At 2: Pacers Talking Playoffs - HOOPSWORLD
    Pacers GM David Morway offers Bill Ingram some extensive comments on the Pacers offseason efforts and the team's expectations to make the playoffs next season. He also touches on the Pacers' philosophy of using player development to build a contending team to compete with big market teams that can buy ready-made talent. Morway is selling it hard, but in doing so admits everything has to go well several young players will need to step up and make significant contributions. Of course, there are several other Eastern Conference teams in the same situation.
    "If you look at Orlando and Cleveland, Washington is healthy and they've improved, and Boston is tough. Atlanta has a nice young group that has steadily improved, so I would expect them to be a top team in the East this year. Those are the teams I think are a step above everyone else in the East. It's fair to say those five teams are really in a position to have good years. Then there's a group of teams including Miami, Charlotte, Indiana, Philadelphia, Toronto, Detroit who all have good pieces and have improved, but they're going to be relying on young players or unknown pieces or whatever the situation is. There are issues. I think we're certainly in that group, but what I'm pleased about is that we've certainly improved. We took a nice step last season, we've improved this offseason, and I think we'll take another step, and when you're rebuilding a franchise that's all you can ask for."
  • One more for Mark Boyle: Kobe vs. Stewie.  Well done!