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IC Cold Links: McRoberts' Football Career, Best Guarding Jordan

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Josh McRoberts was mic'd up a couple of times last week, once again showing he's a great interview. Also, Travis Best recalls the second he was told he'd be guarding Michael Jordan. Those stories and a few other links of interest after the jump:

  • JMV chatted with McRoberts (audio) prior to JMR's high school alma mater, Carmel losing a tough football opener to Cathedral. McRoberts discussed his dominant albeit brief football career as a defensive end which ended in thrid grade because he was too big so the wouldn't let him run the ball. I can't imagine a big, pudgy McRoberts when I think back to the first time I saw him play as a high school freshman and he resembled a pipe cleaner topped with a mop of hair. Mac also mentions that his ankle is better and he recently returned to the court for normal workouts.
  • Bruno goes one-on-one with McRoberts to discuss his preparation and expectations for the upcoming season.
  • Blog a Bull takes a sober look at the Bulls' expectations in the Eastern Conference and just what working to be a contender will get you these days. I'd say the Pacers are a few strides behind the Bulls on a simlar journey which won't happen overnight. 
  • Size 20 bowling shoes?
    The Pacers were represented well in Peyton Manning's annual bowling tournament. Rik Smits even showed up and slid into a size 20 pair of bowling shoes. Jim O'Brien and Josh McRoberts also showed off the keggling skills.
  • Travis Best recalls guarding Michael Jordan in the 1998 NBA Eastern Conference finals
    With Michael Jordan poised to enter the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield native, Travis Best shares his memories of guarding MJ in the classic 1998 Eastern Conference finals.
    "I remember the second I was told I would be guarding Michael Jordan," said Best, the guard from Springfield who faced Jordan in that seven-game series in 1998.

    "We were in the huddle during a timeout, and (Pacers coach) Larry Bird was looking at his feet, deciding what to say. Finally, he said, 'Travis, you've got Michael.'

    "The first thing I did was to look at our other guys, to see what they thought. But they weren't surprised. They expected it."