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Granger Updates His Batcave Design

Danny "Dark Knight" Granger
Danny "Dark Knight" Granger

Batcave building codes? Come on New Mexico!

Danny Granger's dream home, complete with batcave, remains in the design phase but things are moving forward for his offseason hideaway in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Pacers' superhero-lovin' small forward had to tweak the design a bit when the underground tunnel entrance didn't conform to state building codes.

Granger discussed his batcave and plenty more in a wide-ranging, two-part interview with Scott Stieglerwhile out in New Mexico for his kids camp. Stiegler cleared up Granger's knee issue early in the interview which turned out to be a simple strain and no problem. Granger mentioned that he immediately contacted the Pacers' medical staff and after they "freaked out" they set up a visit with a doctor in Albuquerque. The MRI later that day revealed nothing to worry about as Jim O'Brien confirmed in his comments yesterday.

Check out the full update on the batcave (a moat?) along with the audio link after the jump.

Here's the full discussion of Granger's batcave design:

Stiegler:Alright I need a very important update here: How are things going with the batcave?

Granger:(laughs) Everybody asks about the batcave. I'm meeting with my designer today at 4. So after the camp I'll meet with him and we'll speak. It's coming along. It's taking more designing than we thought, that's something that takes awhile so you know, I'll keep you updated on it.

Stiegler: What is the plan? What is the time frame?

Granger: The time frame? To build the house, we've got the land already. Probably a year and a half until it's all completed and done, because it's such a big project, not a big project, it is a big project but it is so intricate. You'll have so many unique things in it, so it will take some time.

Stiegler: Alright as you were kind of developing this thing, what did you add or what did you take out because they either said, it's not possible or hey, we could do this.

Granger: What I took out, I wanted an underground tunnel entrance. I had to take that out. I found out there's so many state codes and laws against that (laughing) so we had to take that one out. But we still have the underground thing going on and I mean I've got cars and things that turn my cars and I even got sort of like a moat thing going on so it will be interesting to see.

Here's the audio link: Scott Stiegler and Danny Granger mp3

The Granger interview begins around the 34 minute mark.