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IC Cold Links: Pacers GM Says No Official Timetable For Dunleavy Return

Despite Indiana Pacers coach Jim O'Brien openly stating he thinks Mike Dunleavy could return before the start of the 2009-10 season, the team's general manager is not giving any secrets away.

Since Dunleavy had major surgery in March, the Pacers front office has instituted a "loose lips, sink ships" policy with the recovery and return of the former starter. Only O'Brien has been vocal about Dunleavy's return as he originally told fans this summer to expect a January return date, but he changed course in an interview with Mike Wells on Tuesday.

But Pacers general manager David Morway said Wednesday that the team is still not releasing an official timetable, according to RealGM's Andrew Perna, who regularly sends and receives texts with the Pacers GM. Morway said: "We are pleased with how Mike is progressing. There is no timetable regarding his return at this point."

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