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IC Cold Links: Dunkin' Dunleavy And Coach O'Brien Ready To Go For Pacers

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Mike Wells worked up a sweat yesterday after an interview with Jim O'Brien revealed some actual news about Mike Dunleavy's recovery from knee surgery. He has it all covered along with a few other stories of interest after the jump.

  • Jim O'Brien's optimism flows
    Mike Wells offers up a Q&A with JOB that finds the Pacers' coach pumped up and ready to go. We also learn that Danny Granger is playing and the health of his knee is not a concern.
  • Dunleavy's recovery picks up steam
    Mike Wells follows up his report on Dunleavy's upgraded return time table with some quotes from the knee player himself. Dun sounds like he doesn't want to jinx the positive direction his recovery is headed but he did admit to dunking for the first time on Tuesday.
  • People love lists but lists don't love Pacers
    Bruno's latest Caught in the Web goes through a few of the recent team rankings and takes issue with where the Pacers rank compared to the end of last season.
  • Pacers Insider post
    Mr. Wells dumps out the notebook from his interviews with JOB and Dunleavy. As mentioned in the Q&A, Roy Hibbert will have an opportunity for an expanded role in the half court offense with the ball going through him in the low post.
  • PBN | Looking forward
    Sam Amico dumps out the notebook including an item noting that Stephen and Joey Graham may be the first twins in league history to both be free agents during the same summer. Both remain unsigned.