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Pacers' Prospect Lorbek Signs With Barcelona

Pacers' European league prospect, Erazem Lorbek made strides last season while playing for CSKA Moscow in the EuroLeague. The Slovenian big man made such a good impression on Regal FC Barcelona that they bought out the final year of Lorbek's contract with CSKA and signed him to a three year deal.

In this update back in May, Bruno mentioned that the Pacers would have to decide on Lorbek's NBA future after his CSKA contract was up. Now that he's signed for three more years we may have our answer. I assume the Pacers could still buyout Lorbek's deal and bring him to Indy, but then again, the team isn't throwing around cash too freely these days.

Thanks to Norsktroll for the heads up on Lorbek's deal with Barcelona.