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Jim O'Brien Upgrades Dunleavy's Status

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All summer Mike Dunleavy has indicated that his knee rehab is ahead of schedule. Still, no one was willing to go on record and say that Dunleavy will be ready to return closer to the start of the season. Personally, I've maintained a mind set that he'll be back after the first of the year.

Well, that changed today after JOB updgraded his outlook for Dunleavy, as reported by Mike Wells .

"Our medical people are very pleased with his progression," Jim O'Brien said. "I’ve changed my view point to a pessimistic one from a standpoint of him being ready in the middle of the season to one that I’m hoping he’ll be ready to go for game one."

Game one?

Wow, that certainly would help with the wing depth the Pacers desperately need. Even if Dun is not ready for the opener, let's assume he's playing by mid-November. How does that change your projected playing rotation?