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IC Cold Links: Daniels Getting Closer To Signing With Celtics

In what has become more and more obvious with each passing day, it appears more likely than ever that Pacers free agent Marquis Daniels will sign with the Boston Celtics for the biannual exception.

Indianapolis Star reporter Mike Wells noted today that a source said Daniels will end up signing for less money rather than be involved in a sign-and-trade deal. Wells said the two organizations are still searching for a third team to enter the picture in order to complete a trade, but after more than a month of negotiations, the Celts and Pacers are still not close. Once Daniels signs with the Celtics, the Pacers will surely turn their attention to filling the 14th roster spot by either signing rookie A.J. Price or looking elsewhere on the free agent market.

Wells also comments on a recent writers' poll that suggests the Pacers are ranked 12th in the Eastern Conference. More links follow the jump.