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IC Cold Links: Reggie Miller's Personal Life Goes National

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I have to admit that my Google News Alert for "Reggie Miller" had been stunningly slow for the past year. There would be maybe one story a week that featured the former Pacers All-Star. Then, last week, everything blew up.

Miller's personal life became tabloid fodder as a jealous man went a little crazy with his efforts to prevent Reggie from texting with his fiance. The story was all over blogs and tabloid Web sites this weekend, but apparently yesterday was the day it was allowed to go national and hit all of the credible news sources.

I'm not going to rehash the story as you can check out goodlucksaturday's take here, and you will get all of the information in the following links. All I have to say is that I miss the old days when my news alerts for Reggie were bare and lifeless. The story was barely interesting when it broke and now it's getting run into the ground. Hopefully this is as far as it escalates across the tabloid nation.

If you really need your sports equivalent of Jon and Kate, then hop on the bus for the Rick Pitino story. Otherwise, check out the other Pacers links after the jump.

  • Bleacher Report is in the middle of examining each NBA team in 30 days and the Pacers went under the microscope for their summer report.
  • Allen Iverson needs a home and takes a great look at why teams are not willing to provide a place for his services. Several teams are mentioned in the article, none of them the Pacers, but the article does a great job of laying out the pros and cons of having A.I. on your team.
  • If you're in the market for some new jewlery, get in the game for former Indiana Pacer Don Buse's 1972-73 ABA Championship ring. It will take a minimum of $5,000 to get the bidding started. 
  • The Indianapolis Star has an interesting article about the outdoor basketball court tradition in state capital. The story refers back to the 70s Pacers members who played on the courts, such as George McGinnis, Billy Knight and Freddie Lewis.
  • And, finally, some links to more Reggie news as the IndyStar runs a brief about the situation and TMZ provides some of the photos texted to Reggie on the night in question.
  • Barkley's Mouth adds a little East Coast analysis to Reggie's SoCal drama.