Reggie Miller's Tabloid Moment

Not to be confused with Conan's Tabloid Moment, Reggie's a little less incriminating, but it's a nice way to break up the injury woes.

So you find yourself walking along the beach in beautiful Southern California. You look up and see a banner flying above. Oh, what does it say? Huh?





Oh, my!

This particularly saucy story is reported by the The New York Post about the text messaging between Reggie Miller and Ali Kay, fiancée of millionaire Alex von Furstenberg, who flew the banner.

As with all stories, there are numerous sides to it, as Reggie's lawyer states the texting was not all Reggie's doing, that Kay sent him some provocative images and continuously texted him, ultimately saying, "This is a ridiculous and absurd story about a single girl who exchanged text messages with Reggie Miller."

The story goes on to say that Reggie and Kay met at a Lakers game in February, and began exchanging texts regularly in March, though von Furstenberg suggests that Reggie had run into Kay at a local grocery store and followed her from there, sending her hundreds of texts.

Ultimately, the Post reports a happy ending in the ordeal, as according to Reggie's layer, the two parties have spoken and resolved the issue.