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Celebrating Foster's Sheepskin and Hansbrough's Hardwood

Bruno's latest Caught in the Web updates us on a couple of big events for Jeff Foster and Tyler Hansbrough this week.

Foster finished up his college courses at Texas State this summer, nine years after dropping out of school three courses shy of graduation to prepare for the NBA draft. Now his kids can watch him receive his diploma in Applied Arts and Sciences with an emphasis on Finance while he emphasizes the importance of education in their lives. Also, here's the press release from Texas State.

As for Hansbrough, the rook will have a big-time ceremony in his small, home town of Poplar Bluff, MO when the high school floor he played on is named in his honor as part of a two-day celebration which includes a separate banquet and golf outing. Holy smokes, what will they do when the Pacers win an NBA title in a few years?

Jim O'Brien will make the trek to the Gateway to the Ozarks to speak at the floor dedication ceremony along with Roy Williams. That has to be a little strange for JOB doesn't it? I mean he hasn't even coached TH in an actual NBA game yet. At least he can keep his remarks brief to win over the locals since you know everyone in the gym will be clamoring to get over to the banquet buffet. I know I would.

If I were JOB, I'd go with a something along the lines of: Tyler better be as good as you people think or else I'm toast.