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Pacers Win In Orlando, Lose In L.A.

Let's start with the bad news. Well, I think it's bad news. Pacers' free agent target, Shannon Brown is reportedly set to re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers (as dbcb mentioned) and according to this report by Broderick Turner, chose to stay with the Lakers despite a better offer from the Pacers.

Backup point guard Shannon Brown agreed today to a two-year deal with the Lakers, including a player option for the second year, worth $4.2 million, according to his agent Mark Bartelstein.

Brown was also talking to the Indiana Pacersabout a more lucrative deal but decided to return to the Lakers, his agent said.

Adding a hard-nosed player to like Brown to the backcourt would've been nice, although surpassing $2.1 million in this market may have been a little rich. This story is just another indication that Jarrett Jack must be sitting on an offer or two the Pacers don't intend to match. No way they offer Brown more than $2.1 million if Jack is still in the picture.

As for the good news from Orlando, I caught a few segments of the Pacers OT thrilla win in their Orlando Pro League opener but really appreciated the comments on the action to keep me updated. Looking forward to tomorrow night's 7:00PM game so I can join in the fun. There were a few small items I gleaned from the game:

  • Yeah, Will Blalockstruggled mightily at the point today, but MAN, he looked like a mini-Tinsley in that 11 jersey with the half-cocked yellow headband.
  • There won't be any future halftime features with Tyler Hansbrough hilghights slowed down and set to symphonic music, but the kid knows how to play. That much is evident even in a sloppy summer league run. Should be interesting to see what kind of role he can carve out this season.
  • Seemed like Phi/NJ scored most of their first half points at the free throw line which was all too familiar. At least, Roy Hibbert only had two fouls.
  • A.J. Price was up and down running the offense which is normal under the patchwork situation, but I liked the way he pressured the ball from 3/4 court in the first half. He actually looked comfortable guarding the ball.