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Hansbrough Set To Miss 1-2 Months While Recovering From Injury

The Indiana Pacers announced this morning that rookie and first-round draft choice Tyler Hansbrough will miss 6-8 weeks while recovering from an old college injury.

Hansbrough initially suffered a right shin injury during his senior year of college, according to the press release. The Pacers say the former Tar Heel will rest the shin for 6-8 weeks so he can remain healthy throughout the season.

The question is exactly what type of injury this is and how "lingering" of an injury is it? It didn't look like it affected him during the Orlando Summer League as he put on some good performances, but just add it to the list of Pacers players who have lingering injuries heading into the season. Hansbrough joins team stars Danny Granger, Mike Dunleavy, Brandon Rush and Josh McRoberts as team members who have missed playing time or conditioning this summer due to injuries.