Fan Ideas for Daniels sign and trade.

I'm just posting this because I started trying to think of ways this deal might go down.

Just wanted to see some of everyone else's ideas.

Here is my favorite, if it's possible. If not, just let me know why I'm open to everyone's outlooks:

we could work some kind of deal that gets Big Baby to the Nets, Tj Ford to the Nets, whatever big guy the Nets would give to the Celtics for Big Baby (who they are supposedly interested in),

Nets get:
TJ Ford (8.5 Million)
Big Baby Davis (I would assume around 2.5 Million?)

Pacers get:
Devin Harris (8.4 Million)
Walker or Giddens (736k and 1.038 Million respectively)

Celtics get:
Marquis Daniels (not sure, probably around 2.5 Million as well I'm assuming? Maybe I'm way off)
Josh Boone or Sean Williams (2.056 Million and 1.629 Million respectively)

In my book this would be a win-win-win situation. I doubt something like this would happen, but I would LOVE to see it go down.