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Pacers Introduce Solomon Jones

Solomon Jones joined the new defensive-minded Indiana Pacers today as he officially inked a two-year deal for the league minimum salary. Jones, who was introduced to the media and participated in a live chat with fans, touted the plethora of defensive skills that he brings to a squad that has overhauled its defense this offseason through the draft and free agency.

Jones said: "That's my main job, our main job, is defense, to try to protect that rim, protect the goal, defend the bigs and use my athleticism. If I focus on defense and we focus on defense, the additions coming in, I think we'll be a pretty good team this year."

Bruno took a look at the interior presence that Jones will add to the frontcourt. You can check out what Jones had to say to all his new hardcore fans out there in PacerLand here. You can watch Bruno's interview with Jones after the jump.

So Jones is now the 13th player guaranteed to earn a pay check from the Pacers next season. That leaves one mystery player waiting to be added. Will it be rookie A.J. Price, or will he be signed and immediately dropped to the wonderful world of D-League basketball? Bruno wonders in his article if this was the last move of the Pacers offseason. Seems like everyone, including Larry Bird and Danny Ainge, is forgetting about that little sign-and-trade deal between the Pacers and Celtics. No third team has stepped up to help out the transaction and things may never materialize in helping Marquis Daniels reach Boston through trade instead of free agency. Either way, at least the Pacers finally have some flexibility heading into the season concerning their roster spots.

Here is Bruno with the newest Pacers forward/center.