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McRoberts Adds Muscle Heading Into Summer League

Indiana native Josh McRoberts is intent on becoming an Indiana Pacer for life. In Bruno's latest blog entry from summer league practice, McRoberts makes it clear that he is working harder than ever to earn playing time in an increasingly tight position battle with teammates Jeff Foster, Roy Hibbert, Troy Murphy and rookie Tyler Hansbrough. McRoberts has added 20 pounds of upper-body muscle while working on "everything" concerned with his basketball skills.

McRoberts is a restricted free agent, but the Pacers have already picked up the qualifying offer on the forward. Although he's expected to be back in a Pacers uniform this season, whether or not he ever receives a long-term deal from the team is questionable. Here is some of what McRoberts told Bruno.

"I hope I get more of an opportunity and I think I'll earn more of a chance. I feel like I've got a wide range of things I can do. I think I've gotten a lot stronger. I've really improved my shot and right now it's just trying to put it all together in the environment with the team and to play with these guys out here. Hopefully, I can be with the Pacers forever. I'd love to play here the rest of my life."

Pacers forward Mike Dunleavy also updated his blog -- You, Me, and My Knee -- this morning. Dunleavy extended a welcoming message to the Pacers two rookies, while telling fans that he's very excited to play with Hansbrough, even though the rookie is a Tar Heel and Dunleavy is a former Blue Devil. Dunleavy also mentions that his knee is still improving, though there is still no word yet on a return date.