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Pacers, Celtics Need Another Team For Deal

Most people, at one time or another, try to turn a two-way into the mythical and magical three-way, but it can be a difficult, arduous process that involves plenty of debate, give-and-take and contractual obligations. Well, the Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers are exploring that wonderful journey at this very moment.

According to the Boston Herald, along with Indianapolis Star reporter Mike Wells, the possible Celts-Pacers sign-and-trade deal involving Marquis Daniels has hit a snag. Inside sources report that the Pacers are dissatisfied with who the Celtics are offering in the deal -- reportedly Tony Allen or Gabe Pruitt. Now the two teams are looking for a third organization to get involved, and no one is biting.

A source told the Herald: "They need a third team, and that's complicated. No other teams have jumped at it so far."

What seemed like a quick, easy deal just one week ago is turning into a lengthy ordeal between the two teams. Things have been complicated by the additions of Earl Watson and Solomon Jones, leaving only two spots available on the Pacers roster.

Speaking of Watson, Wells tweeted this afternoon that the press conference announcing the deal will be held Tuesday afternoon. No official word yet on the time.