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Tinsley, Pacers Ready To Move On

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Jamaal Tinsleyis officially gone. Hmph.

For some reason, the news of Tinsley's buyout a couple of days ago didn't generate the personal elation I always imagined it would.  I guess there are good reasons for that since he wasn't part of the team last year, physically he already was gone. Also, a buyout was the only destination this train was headed after the trade options dried up at the trade deadline.

Still, overall the ceremonial parting of the ways left me relieved (it's over!) but certainly not elated. I was happy that the Pacers were able to scrounge up $4 million cap relief on their $40 million mistake several years ago, but cap space never brings me out of my chair cheering.

In the end, I guess I was already past the Tinsley Era and I didn't realize it. Just happened with the near daily speculation about the team's future and what the roster will look like in October of 2011.

So while Tinsley and the Pacers move on in different directions, I'm heading out on vacation today.  But here are a few links of interest regarding Tins and the Pacers:

  • Tinsley buyout will affect Pacers for next 2 seasons
    Mike Wells wraps up the numbers on Tinsley's buyout and mentions that the Pacers may only carry 14 players next year. I hope they do since it would give the team flexibility to add an extra player on the cheap from the D-League or elsewhere if there are injuries and a certain position is needed, plus it saves a little cake.
  • Andrew Perna digs into the the Pacers plans
    Andrew Perna takes a close look at the restoration job Larry Bird is in the middle of as we've discussed here often. Real nice break down of how the team is setting up for the future in an unsettled NBA.
  • Walsh plans to talk with Tinsley
    Speaking of moving on, Frank Isola reports that Donnie Walsh plans to talk with Jamaal Tinsley, supposedly about joining the Knicks. Now that would be interesting.