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IC Cold Links: Tinsley Goin', McRoberts Stayin' and T.J. Ford Tweetin'

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There was a big boom heard throughout the land last night which broke the eerie silence from the Fieldhouse.

Turns out the noise was caused by Jamaal Tinsley breaking the land speed record for clearing waivers. Is the Tinsley era really over? It still hasn't hit me and probably won't until I see him working that low dribble in another uniform.

Mike Wells reports that the buyout number is $10.7 million but that it is unclear whether it will be broken up into two years. According to the King of the Cap, Larry Coon, regardless of how the buyout is paid, for cap purposes it is assessed in the same proportion for the same amount of years as the original contract. So, since Tinsley was set to make $7.2 million this year and $7.7 million next year, his cap number should be roughly $5.24 million this year and $5.66 next year giving the Pacers roughly $2 million per year in cap relief.

Tinsley's departure preceded by Marquis Daniels leaving town wipes the roster clean of the Club Rio Trio and those involved in problems at the 8 Seconds Saloon and Cloud 9. Quisy earned back a solid reputation last year and his salary more than these incidents are why he is gone. Additionally, Tinsley was given every chance to earn back the good will of the organization and community and simply made things worse with his play and behavior within the Fieldhouse. Still, the fact remains that the remnants of those local embarrassments are history.

So there are plenty of interesting stories today after the jump. Along with Tinsley's departure, we learned yesterday that Josh McRoberts will be around for a couple more years. Also, T.J. Ford posted a tweet last night that made me stop and think for a minute.