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IC Cold Links: Wrapping Up Jack's Departure, O'Brien Up To Speed

While Jim O'Brien took a special tour of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Indiana Pacers offered their final good-bye's to Jarrett Jack. Indy Star reporter, Mike Wells also had some interesting nuggets of info to share which should wrap up Jack's departure from Indy. This and more after the jump.

  • Pacers don't match Toronto's offer for Jack
    Bruno's Caught in the Web offers the final word on Jarrett Jack from Pacers' Pres, Larry Bird.
    "It was a very difficult decision because Jarrett proved last season what he can bring to a team," said Pacers President of Basketball Larry Bird in a statement released by the team. "We thank Jarrett for his contributions to the Pacers, both on and off the court, and wish him the best in Toronto."
  • The Pacers are FINALLY tying to make defense a priority
    Mike Wells offers up his thoughts on the defensive-minded decisions coming out of the Fieldhouse this summer.
  • Larry Bird spoke with Derek Schutz yesterday to wade through all of the offseason issues facing the Pacers. Sounds like we should expect Earl Watson to be announced by the end of the week.
  • Mike Wells was also on with Dan Dakich (audio) and Kravitz & Eddie (audio) yesterday and mentioned a couple of things that made me happy about the Pacers letting Jack go. First was their frustration with Jack's faulty decision-making late in games during a key stretch in the middle of the season. The other point was that the Pacers initially offered Jack a 2-year deal worth about $3.5 million. In my mind, they had Jack pegged perfectly as a solid back up point guard and weren't willing to risk the money in hopes he develop beyond that role.
  • PACERS: OBrien exhilarated by high-speed laps
    Bruno reports from IMS on Jim O'Brien's thrill ride around the track with Sam Hornish.
  • Bosh, Jack reunited
    Frank Zicarelli has the Toronto angle on Jarrett Jack reuniting with former Georgia Tech teammate, Chris Bosh.
  • David Harrison on the road back to NBA
    Chris Dempsey has an interesting feature on David Harrison's attempt to return to the NBA. Harrison goes deep into his problems in Indy. Man, I hope he gets it all straight and finds some success.
  • Bill Simmons talks with Dan Klores  (download audio link) about his documentary on Reggie Miller as the MSG villain for the New York Knicks. Can't wait to watch this!