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Granger To Rest Knee During USA Basketball Camp

Please, oh, please let this be a minor blip during the Pacers' summer news cycle.

Bruno's latest Caught in the Web tucks a tidy little item in the second story about Danny Granger not participating in the USA Basketball workouts in Las Vegas this week so he can rest his sore knee which bothered him last season. Personally, I'd rather Granger spent his summer taking care of his body and preparing for the upcoming season anyway, but when he's resting a sore knee in the dead of summer, I can't help but raise an eyebrow of concern.

I know, I know, it's just precautionary and I'm sure if training camp opened up tomorrow Granger would be there ready to go. Nothing to see here, move along. Really, I'm trying to brush this off without a second thought...except, I can't. Not after Mike Dunleavy's sore knee last summer turned into a sore knee in pre-season and then a sore knee for the first half of the season and then suddenly went from a sore knee to a pterodactyl beak growing off the bone requiring career-threatening surgery with no return date established.

Plus, don't forget the history of knee's below the proverbial belt Pacer fans have endured from the lingering knee injuries of Jermaine O'Neal and Jonathan Bender.

No, I think I'll allow a small part of my gut to worry about Granger's knee until he's on the court proving it's no big deal. Until then I'll enjoy the follow up article about how the knee is really not a concern and Granger will be ready to go in October.