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IC Cold Links: Pacers Begin Bargain Shopping

Here are a few items of interest to ponder after day one of the free agent period:

Pacers read to go discount shopping
Mike Wells blogs about the Pacers' goal to make the most out of the little cap room they have to spend this summer. We also learn about a few Nuggets on the Pacers' radar as well as Atlanta eyeing Jarrett Jack.

Conrad Brunner on Kravitz & Eddie (audio). Bruno leads the league in reading between the lines so I found his comments on Jarrett Jack possibly fielding offers the Pacers won't be willing to match quite interesting.

From the FanPosts, dbcb links to stories about the Pacers' interest in Marcin Gortat and Fabricio Oberto.

Ron Artest reportedly piquing Cleveland's interest
I imagine the Cavs would rather sign Ariza but Ronnie may be the next option for the right price. Artest has indicated that he wants to assess a team's championship capabilities when signing but I'd think any team that considers themselves a championship contender will have to think long and hard about adding Ronnie to the mix.

Sources: Trevor Ariza leaning toward leaving Los Angeles Lakers - ESPN
Yikes! I'm rooting for Ariza to Portland because I really don't want to see that defensive menace come to town with the Cavs. Forget Shaq, this should be the type of player LeBron James wants the Cavs to bring in if he's going to stay past next year. Ariza could become the defensive version of Robert Horry, just popping up on championship teams.

If Gordon Leaves, Bulls Could Get Daniels -- NBA FanHouse
Tim Povtak makes the case for Quisy to joing the Bulls to fill the void left by losing Ben Gordon.