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IC Cold Links: The Calm Before The Storm

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Today is likely one of the only days this week that won't feature some breaking news about the Indiana Pacers. All is calm before the storm.

It should be a very busy week for team president Larry Bird and general manager David Morway. On Monday, the team will either match or do nothing with Jarrett Jack's offer from Toronto, officially letting the point guard go across the Northern border. Boston media outlets are still reporting that a sign-and-trade deal is imminent between the Celtics and Pacers, and the deal should materialize sometime this week by sending Marquis Daniels to Boston for either Tony Allen, Eddie House or Brian Scalabrine. Then, the Pacers will pick up Earl Watson off the waiver wire right before the weekend. And we're still one week away from the Jamaal Tinsley arbitration hearing. Whew, that about covers it.

But before the flood gates open, here are some other NBA links to get you through your Sunday.