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Agent Confirms Daniels Will Play For Celtics

It will only be a matter of days before it's officially announced that Indiana Pacers free agent Marquis Daniels will play for the Boston Celtics next season. Just how he arrives into Beantown is still up in the air.

Daniels' agent, Glenn Schwartzman, confirmed to the Associated Press today that his client has committed to play for the Celtics next season. Daniels made the verbal commitment Friday night. The story noted that both teams would prefer a sign-and-trade deal, however if a deal doesn't materialize, the Celtics will use its $1.9 million biannual exception to sign him. That deal would be considerably lower than the $7.3 million that the Pacers paid him last year.

Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald posted a story today also confirming the move. Murphy's inside source agreed there is a high potential for a sign-and-trade deal. Murphy wrote:

The source added that a sign-and-trade deal - with the Celtics able to offer a number of players with expiring contracts, including Tony Allen and Brian Scalabrine - is still a very real possibility.