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Watson Buyout Allows Pacers To Add Backcourt Help

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Darnell Mayberry reports on Earl Watson's departure from Oklahoma City. Watson agreed to a buyout prior to his release worth half of the $6.6 million owed him for next season. What the Pacers will pay him next year is still unknown, but I hope they're not making up the differenece. Half of the difference would be nice.

Mike Wells reports on Watson's signing with the Pacers and the team's effort to add inexpensive defenders to the mix for next year. Watson can cover the ball from the point and should offer a solid backup option next year. Nothing flashy but also not risky and in the end this obviously isn't an exciting move unless it sets the team up for a bigger trade this summer.

One thing the move indicates is that the Pacers won't be scraping up loose change to match Jarrett Jack's offer from the Toronto Raptors. Assuming A.J. Price signs, there are currently five point guards on the roster, although Jamaal Tinsley doesn't really count since he won't be playing.