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Marquis Daniels Reportedly Close With Celtics, Possible Sign-And-Trade With Pacers

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Marc Spears reports that Marquis Daniels is involved in a deal to sign with the Boston Celtics which may include a sign-and-trade deal with the Indiana Pacers. Mike Wells confirms that the Pacers are working on a possible sign-and-trade deal to move Quisy to Boston.

Wow, this raises a few questions. After clearing Quisy's $7.5 million off the books why bring back a salary or two that would eat up most of the remaining cap space? Could this be part of a larger deal involving more teams? Which players could be involved from Boston's roster? Why not take the money you'd be getting back in salary and just pay Quisy to stay?

Hmm, remember when Quisy and Larry Bird were seen chatting throughout one of the Pacers' summer league games in Orlando? That transcript would be really helpful right now.

One thing the Celtics have are several players on their roster with one-year (or team option) contracts. According to the report, the Celtics only have $1.9 million to offer Quisy, so if they want to move up to the $3-4 million range they need to make a deal with the Pacers.

According to HoopsHype, players making under $4 million going into their last year include: Brian Scalabrine ($3.4), Eddie House ($2.86), Rajon Rondo ($2.62), Tony Allen($2.5), JR Giddens ($1.02), Gabe Pruitt ($0.82) and Bill Walker ($0.73).

Seems like a treading water move unless the Pacers like one of those young guys in Giddens, Pruitt or Walker. There has to be a better payoff or more pieces to the puzzle if a deal is in the works.

Huge thanks to smg31085  for posting the Spears link in the FanPosts!