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IC Cold Links: McRoberts for two, matching Jack and Tinsley ready to play

There are just a couple of stories of note this morning but both include information worth pondering with regard to the Pacers.

First, Mike Wells heard from Josh McRoberts and while Mac hasn't signed a contract yet, he has agreed to a two-year deal. With a two-year deal that lumps McRoberts in the bridge category of players on the roster meaning he will have to earn his way into the future core group with Granger, Hibbert, Rush, Hansbrough and Jones. A.J. Price will likely find himself in the same position of working his way into the future core.

Of course, the risk is that Price and/or McRoberts do develop into long-term solutions and without locking them into longer, cheaper deals now the price of the next contract will go up significantly. At this point, though, that would be a nice problem to have in a couple of years. Long-term extensions with the hope of future development haven't been kind to the Pacers in this decade.

The other item of note comes from David Aldridge who reports that the Pacers have until Monday to decide what to do with Jarrett Jack's offer sheet and they intend to use all of their allotted time to make a decision. Pretty much what I'd expect Larry Bird to say, basically keeping all of his options available but to the point made above, unless there's a move in store, that's a lot of cap space to dedicate to Jack this year.

Also, out of nowhere, Aldrige tosses us a bone on Jamaal Tinsley who is still alive and kicking in Atlanta waiting on the arbitration hearing.

Several people at the Las Vegas Summer League said this week that Tinsley has been working out in the Atlanta area and is in terrific condition, considering how long he's been out of action.

That's the first time I've read anyone not tied to the Pacers' organization vouch for Tinsley's game shape. Too little, too late though since any team interested in Tinsley will wait for the post-arbitration, bought-out version of Tins to hit the market.