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IC Cold Links: Pacers Set To Sign Jones, Mulling Over Raptors' Offer For Jack

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The Indiana Pacers are set to announce the signing of free agent Dahntay Jones today. Once the requisite questions about the signing are answered I'm sure a few questions regarding Jarrett Jack's offer sheet with the Toronto Raptors will arise. According to Mike Wells, the Pacers won't have any definitive answers for such questions, with the team at least giving the appearance that they haven't ruled out matching the deal.

Much like Orlando unexpectedly matching Marcin Gortat's offer from Dallas, anything is possible with these reported summer deals. The Pacers would have to have another deal or two in place to move some salaries around and create space for Jack, but they have a couple more days to make it work, if that's the plan. What a surprising turn of events that would be!

Here are a few links of interest including some of the options the Pacers are mulling over in regards to JJack and my discussion with Raptors Republic: