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IC Cold Links: Jack Jumpin' The Border, Pacers Looking Ahead

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With the general assumption that the Pacers will not match the Toronto Raptors' generous offer for Jarrett Jack, the Pacers have to finish the summer filling out their roster.

Just how they fill out the roster should make for an interesting few weeks ahead. Do they add some short-term help at point guard or lean on A.J. Price and Travis Diener to back up T.J. Ford? Please keep in mind that, barring a trade, Ford was going to head into this season as the preferred starter at point guard, even if Jack was re-signed. I appreciate the way Ford ended the season last year and attacked his role off the bench. He should certainly be energized heading into this season knowing the show is his to run.

At this point, only Ford's production on the court will allay my concerns that he can stay healthy and consistently guide the Pacers in the right direction. But that's why I love watching the games, to see what will happen next.

Here are some links of interest from both sides of the border: