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Summer League Pacers Finish 5-0, Hibbert and Hansbrough Honored

There is nothing better than the fifth and final game of the Orlando Summer League. Larry Bird didn't find it necessary to show up, Tyler Hansbrough played only 15 minutes and officials even started the game 30 minutes early so commentators Dante and Galante could start drinking early (or so they said). Despite a sloppy game, the Pacers completed their domination of the practice jersey NBA squads by defeating Orlando, 68-54, to go 5-0 in Summer League play.

Roy Hibbert and Hansbrough were named to the First Team Orlando All-Summer League Team. Hibbert, who scored a team-high 16 points along with 11 rebounds, went down hard in the fifth game in five days on Friday, holding his left hip. He didn't return to the game. Hansbrough pulled down nine boards in his limited playing time, but lost his shooting touch as he went 1-of-5 from the field.

For the recap and box score visit here. For more information on the players who made the Pacers win, follow after the jump.

Since the game started 30 minutes premature, I tuned in with only five minutes remaining in the first half. By then, the Pacers had built a sizable lead, Hansbrough had done his damage on the boards and Hibbert already had 11 of his 16 points. Needless to say, the second half lacked in many ways, but if you're a fan of the man known as Scott Vander Meer, then the second half was just right for you.

Here are some notes on the second half on the final game of Summer League. If you saw the first half, please fill us on in any cool plays or performances made by the Pacers.

  • Hibbert finished the Summer League with another good performance today, even picking up only two fouls in the final game. He stepped out of the paint for some of his points, yet continued to do well on the block and in the middle of the paint. Hansbrough has really opened up the post for him. The opposing defenders have to worry about where Hansbrough is at all times because he is so scrapy. Hopefully we see those two continue to help each other when the real season begins.
  • A.J. Price showed off his confidence behind the arc by pulling up whenever he felt like it. It worked. He went 3-of-5 from 3-point land and finished with 11 points an three assists. He showed some good decision-making, but there were two possessions in the second half when he completely ignored an open shooter by dribbling the tar out of the ball and missing the good play. Does his play get him a roster spot? Maybe if Tinsley can be dealt, but he had flashes of good play mixed with some definite bad decisions.
  • Will Blalock totaled 12 points off the bench and also hit two 3-pointers. He played 18 minutes and had no turnovers. That's a good game for him, but there was so much sloppy play in this game that it's hard to give anyone credit for good decision-making.
  • I am not a fan of Vander Meer and I'm OK with it. He went 2-of-7 from the field, and did hit a decent turnaround jumper, but I believe that's the last time we'll see Vander Meer in a Pacers practice jersey. Fingers crossed.
  • No one else really excited me today. Trey Johnson had nine points but also accumulated four fouls. Aaron Jackson went 1-for-5 and had three turnovers. Derrick Byars had a terrible shooting day going 2-for-9. These guys were given big minutes but they didn't showcase their talents.

Well that chalks up another Orlando Summer League. That means almost an entire year without the talents of Dante and Galante, but after watching today's game, that's fine with me.