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Summer League Open Thread #5: Indiana Pacers vs. Orlando Magic

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The summer Pacers play their fifth and final Orlando Pro Summer League game this afternoon against the host Orlando Magic. Here's a closer look at the summer Magic roster.

Some names of interest to me on the Magic roster include Ryan Anderson who has been lighting it up after joining Orlando in the Vince Carter trade. Also, Jeremy Pargo is the former Gonzaga point guard who I always thought was real tough and would end up getting a solid look at the league. Then there's C.J.  Giles who came out of high school in Seattle with all of the talent but none of that Pargo toughness. He flamed out at Kansas and Oregon State but all the while remained 6'11" so no he's still has a few years to lean back on potential while he figures out a way to mature himself and his game. Last year he played in the D-League and I didn't read any headlines about him, so maybe he's on his way, although Giles has only played four minutes thus far in Orlando so he still has a long way to go.

For the Pacers, we'll see if the young fellas can sprint through the finish line after four successful days of work in Orlando. With the type of players on the roster and Jim O'Brien pushing them I don't expect any let down even with the quick turnaround after playing last night and the bags packed for a return trip to Indy.

You can catch Dante & Galante bringing it home this afternoon at the Magic summer league site. Please share your thoughts on the game in the comments.

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