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Keeping Up With NBA News And Rumors

Day one of the NBA free agent signing period has spawned tons of news and rumors around the league. Already, Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva are reported to be joining the Detroit Pistons. As dbcb posted earlier today, the Pacers have reportedly shown interest in Fabricio Oberto and Marcin Gortat

Oberto wouldn't excite me much and would have to join the group of bridge players since, considering his age, signing him for more than two years wouldn't be wise. Gortat has more of a game the Pacers are looking for in their effort to add a reasonably priced front court contributor. The Pacers don't have the money to get into a bidding war, though and with Houston and New York appearing very interested, Gortat's price tag will likely exceed the Pacers budget.

One thing we should expect is plenty more report on the Pacers showing interest in various free agents. Just check out Bird's comments on free agency via Bruno today:

"We've got $8 million and, the way I look at it, three holes to fill," said team President Larry Bird. "I think we're going to have the opportunity to pick up a pretty good player for a lot less money than he would've gotten if the economy was a lot better.

"There's what, 100 free agents this year? There's going to be a lot of them looking for jobs, and some pretty good players, too – for minimums. It won't be top names but they will be some pretty good players."

The Pacers will probably show a little love to a big swath of free agents and then narrow their focus as the market fleshes itself out. Until then we'll likely hear plenty of stories about the team's varied level of interest in different players. At some point, that $8 million will be put to use. I also remain convinced that a trade or two will pop up before the summer is over.

So with the fluid situation and information flying from tons of different outlets, I'm looking to the faithful Indy Cornrows' readers to help keep us all informed. Huge thanks to dbcb for posting those links today. That is exactly the type of help I'm looking for to keep our growing community informed. We've added a lot of new members over the past few weeks and I couldn't be more happy with the growing core group of commenters who continually offer smart and diverse opinions on everything related to the Pacers. That is the ultimate goal of this site.

I want to make sure when news breaks you can stop here to offer your reactions and read the thoughts of others. Sean and I will do our best to post breaking news about any Pacers' signings or trades, but life can get in the way. If you hear about something and see nothing posted here, PLEASE put up a FanPost with a link verifying the information so others can begin commenting on the news.

Now let's just hope the Pacers offer up plenty of news for us to analyze.