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Coaching Contract Not A Priority For Pacers

In his latest Pacers Insider post, Mike Wells drops some thoughts on Jim O'Brien coaching in the last year of his contract with no indication from Larry Bird that a contract extension for JOB is in the works. After the mess that evovled after the Rick Carlisle extension, I have no problem letting this season play out.

JOB incorporated several new faces into the lineup last year and had his team playing hard throughout the season. There will be more new faces this year, but there will be plenty of familiar faces in key spots in the playing rotation, so now JOB has to get his guys to continue playing hard but also better.

Considering the key players on the roster appear to be reliable, positive influences in the locker room, I'd be shocked if any problems developed and a group or individual tried to use JOB's lame-duck status for personal gain.

On the flip side, I also don't see JOB doing anything but coaching his arse off regardless of his contract status. I've always said, Bird could give JOB five guys from the Baxter Y and he'd grind away trying to get a win. The guy is a coach. Give him some players and he'll coach 'em up.

Anyone have a problem with JOB waiting on an extension?