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Viva La Diener For Fun In Fond du Lac

Indiana Pacers guard, Travis Diener has been making regular appearances on the Dan Dakich radio show during the playoffs to talk about the games. He calls in from wherever he is on the road, although most of the time he calls in from his home in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Apparently it didn't take long to run out of things to do in the FDL because during yesterday's show, Diener revealed that he recently purchased a 1985 Mercury Marquis for $600 and "pimped" it out for the summer. Sounds like the upgrades were less West Coast Customs and more Bam Margera.

DD: Travis Diener joins us from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, by the way. That's not as exciting as when you're in Vegas because what I do is I live vicariously through you.
TD: Oh, this is like Vegas. If you've ever been here, what a typical NBA player from Fond du Lac does in the offseason is purchase a $600 Mercury Marquis from 1985 and redoes it for the summer and drives it around. So that's what I've been doing the last few days.
After discussing the average age of a Marquis owner, we learn about Diener's chop shop.
DD: You may be the only person currently driving a Marquis that isn't on oxygen.
TD: Well, it was a Mercury Marquis but now it's a convertible because we cut the roof off of it. So, it looks wonderful. I'm going to have to send pictures to The Fan.
DD: So what you've just told me is there's a Pimp My Ride place in Fond du Lac.
TD: Yeah, it's run by the Diener family. We just take these cars, purchase them and turn them into something special I guess you could say or something worse. One or the other.
Unfortunately, the Marquis won't be terrorizing the streets of Indy.
DD: You going to drive it back to Indy.
TD: For some reason, I don't think it would make it back to Indy.
DD: Oh, yeah, 600 bucks for a Marquis, it can't make it.
TD:  They told me I can only drive it on the streets. If I take it on the highway, I'll be broke down within 4 miles out of the city.
I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of that beauty. If you happen to be in the FDL and see the Diener-mobile, by all means snap a shot and email it to me (
Here's the full interview (audio): Travis Diener on Dan Dakich Show